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'Split Back-up Flange'

As a flange manufacturer, we make flanges for pipe, including two-piece flange, split flange, lap joint flange, slip-on flange, and back-up flanges from our facility in River Falls, Wisconsin (USA). Our product line is made for a range of materials including plastic pipe flanges and steel pipe flanges, and is a cost-effective alternative to standard lap joint or Van Stone style flanges.

The Marzolf™ two-piece, back-up flanges utilize a half-ring design. The rings slide together, interlocking around the pipe to create a rigidity equal to one-piece rings and share common bolt holes, dispersing bolting pressure to provide a uniform seal. These two-piece back-up flanges go on after your pipes are in place.   Marzolf™ two-piece, back-up flanges eliminate the need to cut and re-weld pipes, lower injury risk, and provide a more efficient way to install and replace flanges for pipes, reducing labor and down-time typically required for this type of pipe repair or installation.

Our flanges are made of various materials to fit all types of pipe, tube, and fittings, from plastic pipe flange to steel flange and stainless steel flange.

• Stainless Steel
• Carbon Steel (Zinc Plated)
• Epoxy Coated
• Teflon Coated
• PVC & CPVC Plastic
• Custom Alloys
• Tube/pipe
• Stub Ends (A,B,or C)
• Angle Face Rings
• Beaded End Hose
• Fiberglass Pipe
• Lined Pipe
• Polyethylene Pipe
• Others

• ANSI Class 150 lb. Bolt hole pattern
• ANSI Class 300 lb. Bolt hole pattern
• Reducing Flanges
• Metric
• Custom Design & Fabrication

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